Las Vegas

Las Vegas

After spending one more night in Moab, we departed for our 7-hour drive back towards Vegas. The drive back isn’t exactly easy cruising, so we broke it up by boondocking in the Dixie National Forest outside of Cedar City.

Unlike the climate in the rest of southern Utah, the overnight temperatures in the forest dropped below freezing, so that was a bit of a chilly night.

The next morning’s drive back to Vegas was about 3 hours. After saying farewell to our trusty van, we headed to the Las Vegas strip to check into our hotel.

In true summer 2020 fashion, the hotel that we booked through Agoda was closed and we had to scramble at the last minute to find a room at the Flamingo.

We spend the weekend decompressing and relaxing in our hotel room, venturing out every now and then to check out the Vegas COVID-19 scene. We were actually pretty impressed with the protocols they put in place while reopening. Everyone was required to wear a mask indoors, and tables were limited to three people sitting in every other seat. Unfortunately, this also made gambling incredibly boring.

On our last night, we headed out to Fremont Street to walk around and check out some of the more classic parts of the city. Initially the plan was to go to the Neon Museum, but due to visitor restrictions, they ran out of tickets to let people in.

At some point in the weekend, I had the worst martini experience. Everything in Vegas is a gimmick. I don’t know why I ever go there.

Looks better than it tastes

Overall, my favorite part of the trip was definitely just roughing it in the van. I would 100% recommend Travellers Autobarn 100 times over. It gave us everything we needed for a trip around southern Utah, and they didn’t charge us extra for mileage, which was a HUGE PLUS.

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