About Vita In Motu

Hey. What’s this thing here? It’s my travel blog!

I created Vita In Motu—life in motion—for two reasons: To keep in touch with friends and family so they wouldn’t think I was dead as I backpacked throughout southeast Asia, and to keep a diary of my experiences as I traveled (because I’m really forgetful).

Though I have no desire to become a travel blogger, I’d like to continue updating this blog with the following goals:

  • To share the photos I take as I travel to new places so they don’t die a quiet death hidden on my computer
  • To document my experiences while I travel (see aforementioned reason)
  • To show that it’s perfectly possible to backpack around different countries in your 30s. You don’t have to be fresh out of school or take a gap year or have a trust fund at your disposal. You just have to prioritize.

Things may be a little sleep around this neck of the woods until I can get to planning my next trip, but in the meantime, you can poke around and learn more about my time in Asia!